JP Williams

Performing Songwriter | Keynote Speaker

Workshop Leader | Accessible Technology Advocate

—Based in Nashville TN—

Right Now Is What Matters

I remember, as I was growing up, I would pray for my dreams to come true. I believed that if I was successful enough, that I would find acceptance and fulfillment. It’s like there was a metaphorical door. And if I were to get on the other side of it, my life would truly begin. Now, I’m finding out that no accomplishment makes me who I am. I follow me into every season. If I’m not happy where I am, I’m not going to be happy where I’m going. Right now, at this moment, is where life is. The air in my lungs, sun on my face, the song on the radio, the conversations with my wife and the food I’m tasting are examples of simple things I no longer want to miss.

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